Google Friend Connect

First I was having tons of trouble leaving comments using my Google Account.  I've got it fixed and all seems to be working ok.

New problem:  My Google Friend Connect gadget keeps disappearing.  Yup, all my friends gone!  No way for anyone to follow.  Just a blank space.

It took me FOREVER but I finally found a solution - A stand alone Follow button.

Not only great tip for my Google Friend Connect problem but also GREAT tips.

Spice Up Your Blog


Adding ComLuv to Blogger

Go to ComLuv - Download - CommentLuv Blogger.  It will take you to a new page.

Click link on the bottom of the page and it will take you to a new page.  This is a great How To page, especially if it's your first time.  Step #1 will ask you to to to IntenseDebate.  You can create a new account or log in using your WordPress account.  Just follow directions from there and you'll be fine.

I've already done all that awhile ago, but now I need to go back in and make some changes.  So this time I'm just going straight to IntenseDebate and logging in with the account info I already set up.

Go To:  Manage blogs/sites….. follow directions

~ Mona

UPDATE (7/11/11):  Directions are good. Problem with my IntenseDebate account - I'll have to fix before I can revisit this comment form idea. 


Can't Post Comments?

I was having trouble leaving comment love on blogs.  I just couldn't post on embedded comment forms.

The option to post using my Google Account had always been selected for me.  All of a sudden, not anymore.  When I selected Google Account it would take me to the sign in page.  I'd enter my info but it would only take me back to the comment form to do the exact same thing.  FRUSTRATING!!!

The next time I was at the Google Account sign in form, I unchecked the box that said "Keep Me Signed In" "Remember Me" - something like that.

That seemed to fix the problem.  I'm now able to give comment love to my bloggy buddies.